The World Sign Language Interpreter Conference Report

Secretariat international exchange charge "The World Conference of Sign Language Interpreters" was held in Canada at the Montreal Convention Center on Thursday, July 23, 2003. 60 people from 20 countries participated in the conference. Tomoki Hayashi and Tadashi Ito were sent from Japan as representatives of the National Research Association of Sign Language Interpretation.

The World Conference of Sign Language Interpreters was held in connection with the World Deaf Conference in 1995, in 1999 and in 2002 in Washington. D.C., in USA. Repeated efforts to form an international sign language interpreter organization were made and this time it was declared that an international organization the World Sign Language Interpreters (tentatively named WASLI) would be established in 2005. At this conference, the "Principles" of the World Sign Language Interpreters was confirmed and "Rules" were examined.

It is scheduled that the "Rules" would be examined in each country by December, 2003, and the various opinions consolidated the "Rules" and a working group was set up to prepare for the inauguration in 2005.